Core Services

World-class Google Marketing Platform knowledge

SEM Set-Up & Management

  • Creating best in class intent-based structures to target and serve users across the different stages of the buying process
  • Our PPC designs aim for behavioural consistency and data conformity to facilitate processing for Google’s bid management algorithms

Bid Automation Architectures

  • Maximizing the outcome of datasets by setting and segmenting the right portfolio of bid strategies
  • Gradually enhancing audience signals across multiple dimensions to allow machine learning and adaptive capabilities
  • Algorithm training within single or cross-channel attribution systems to custom tailor bidding models

SA360 Integrations & Consulting

  • In-depth performance media audits, forecasts and enterprise level SEM consulting
  • Advising for the right GMP vendor based on the overall digital marketing needs
  • SA360 technical integrations with GA360, BQ, CM, DV360 and call tracking solutions
  • Assisting with data ownership and control through internalisations & product features training